Current Favorite Reads for Toddlers

Every week we take a trip to the library in order for Max to pick out new books. It is a nice weekly ritual we have.  I usually ask him if there is a book he wants to get but then I usually pick out a few that I think he will enjoy. We have read our far share of books about trucks, construction sites, and dinosaurs. I also think we have read every Curious George book out there. Lately I have been trying to branch out and expose Max to some new books. Here are some of his current favorites.

The Napping House by Don & Audrey Wood
I think we all are thankful when our house becomes a napping house. In this silly story the entire house is napping, snoozing, slumbering, dozing, snoring all in one bed. They each fall asleep one on top of another one at a time.  Suddenly a wakeful flea sets off a cascade of events which causes each napper to wake up. A repetitive & rhythmic book with descriptive pictures making it an enjoyable read for all.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen
This repetitive tale is one of Max’s favorite. A family decides to head off on a bear hunt. “They are not scared”. They travel through grass, mud, a river, a forest, a snowstorm, all of which make interesting sounds. Finally the family comes to a cave where they do find a bear! The bear chases them and they have to travel back through all the terrain they encountered on the trip to the cave. When they finally make it home they decide bear hunts are not for them and hide under their covers.

Flip Flap Fly by Phyllis Root
This rhyming story follows different baby animals in their habitat. A bird sees a a fish who sees snake who sees a otter who sees a duck who sees a mouse who sees a child. The child sees that there are babies everywhere in nature. Each animal learns to move with the help of their mama. It is a fun book to read and has some silly words. Max loves that the snake says “wiggle with a squiggle”. There are beautiful illustrations as well.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff
These books are part of series they Max loves. In this story the mouse is given a cookie and then asks for a glass of milk. This first request causes the mouse to ask or think of something else.  Then with each sequential item the mouse is given he tangentially asks for something else. In the end needs a glass of milk and of course wants a cookie to go with it. We also have read If You Give a Cat a Cupcake and If You Give a Mouse a Muffin. They are all big hits!

Giraffes Can’t Dance by Gilles Andreae
Gerald is a self conscious giraffe who believes he cannot dance. His fears are realized when he is called weird at the jungle dance. Gerald is embarrassed and leaves the dance only to be confronted by a cricket. It turns out Gerald is a beautiful dancer who simply needed to find the right music. Another rhyming book that has you cheering on Gerald as all the animals come to see him dance.

Current Favorite Reads for Toddlers

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