Wintertime & Saving Your Sanity

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It’s been a rough winter for us New Englanders, especially for those of us in Massachusetts. Above is a picture of the snow prison that we call home. We are two inches away from breaking the snowfall record and for February everyday except one was below the average temperature.  Let’s just say it’s been pretty tough season. March is here and day light savings took place which means spring is coming! Reflecting back on this winter I seriously wonder how we made it and how I did not go insane. Here is how we passed our days snd some suggestions on how you can pass this dreadful season. Bookmark it for next year!

  1. Indoor activities: Pretty much every day we try to get out of the house. It’s better for all of us. However, this winter there were days when blizzard conditions and two feet of snow kept us housebound. I am not crafty, but I scanned my ambitious Pinterest board and was determined to attempt some projects. Valentine’s week we made some valentines for daddy and the grandparents. Red paint with a two year old was pretty challenging, but then it led to another fun activity, a long bath. My mother in law made this homemade snow with Max. We also made slime! I have been wanting to try play dough too.
  1. Surprise toys: Max’s birthday is October which means in 3 months he gets a lot of toys. I try not to open all of them and save some for a day we both really need something new. It fun to take a new gift out and keeps us entertained for a bit longer.
  1. Play dates: Every week I look at what days we are free and try to schedule a play date. It is good for Max to play with another kid and if it’s at their house to get to play with new toys. It is also very healthy for me to talk with other moms. It makes you feel normal and saner! Most moms like getting together so call someone now and make a date.
  1. Library: We moved from the city to the suburbs recently and I have to say both local libraries have offered wonderful programs, including sing a longs and story times. We like to go at least once a week to get new books. Also, many libraries have a children’s room that offers open space for kids to burn off some energy. Best of all it’s free!
  1. Malls: They are not only great for walking around and allowing me to run an errand or two, but some malls around us have free toddler play spaces. I have even had play dates there. The kids are contained and entertained. Venturing out to one of these may produce an illness in your house so please refer to my previous post. You need to weigh the risk benefit.
  1. Screen time: I try to limit Max’s screen time but this winter I have eased up a bit. It has made everyone happier. Max watches his good friend,Curious George, every day after his nap so that I am able to make dinner. It is a nice afternoon break for us both. We introduced the iPad for plane rides but now we  let him play on it  occasionally. I set a timer and when it goes off he knows he is done. What are your favorite apps? Max’s (he’s 2) favorite are a Lego train one and a Thomas the train puzzle one. Both free!  What are some of your favorites?

How did you stay sane this winter?  Please share your tricks with me.

Wintertime & Saving Your Sanity

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