Surviving Cold Season with Young Kids

There are a number of things we can do to avoid getting a cold, including diligent hand washing (clean well spray is great for kids on the run), taking your vitamins, avoiding contact with those who are sick. However, unless you are keeping your little ones in a bubble the chances of them getting a cold this season is pretty high.  Over the last two weeks Max and Alexandra have each been battling colds, which is never fun.  My least favorite part is constantly wiping their noses.  Here are a couple of things that have helped me to keep them comfortable and minimize their symptoms.


1. Little Remedies is a saline spray/drop that is great for helping keep the nose from getting dry as well as loosening up gunk so that they can get it out.  This is sooooo much easier to give to my 2 month old than my two year old.  I have never been a fan of the bulb aspirator and I have never used one my kids.  I read this an article like this once and it scared me.  I also think with the saline drops they are able to bring it up themselves and it doesn’t really need to be sucked out.

2. Warm washcloths are my next recommendation.  These are great for taking care of the “crusties” as we like to call them in our house.  They are the hardened boogies that never come off with a tissue. Also tissues can be rough on their nose. They sell these, boogie wipes, which I have never tried. I think a warm bath or shower also helps with loosen up a lot of the gunk.

3. If you can put Vaseline around the nostrils and upper lip it will do two things. It helps prevent or treat chapped skin. It also makes it harder for boogers to stick to the skin.

81S8eXQrBML._SL1500_4. A humidifier is helpful in the winter whether you are sick or not. The air is extremely dry in the winter and essentially this puts moisture back in the air. It can help out a lot of dry skin. Their have also been studies proving it decreases the level of flu virus in the home and can decrease the incidence of flu.  The flu virus can be killed by humid air. Finally, this again loosens up secretions helping little ones to mobilize them. We worry about mold with the humidifiers too so make sure you are cleaning them.

5. all-natural-aromatic-chest-rubNot only do our little ones get nasal congestion but they get chest congestion as well. My son loves getting a little vapor rub on his chest when he is sick. I found this badger chest rub at Whole Foods and we love it. It’s safe for the home family!

Finally, when your little one is sick make sure they are getting plenty of fluid and rest.  These are a few of our favorite sick items.  What are your essentials?  I am very interested in essential oils, but I have never tried them out.  What are your favorites?  Do you use them on your kids?

Surviving Cold Season with Young Kids

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