Toddler Truck Books

As a mom of a toddler boy I am amazed at my son’s innate fascination with all sorts of transportation.  It is nothing I taught him, but he has a love for buses, fire engines, planes, cars, motorcycles, trains, bikes, bulldozers, and TRUCKS!  He enjoys pointing them out to me and labeling each one as they go by. More importantly some of his favorite books are about trucks. Here is a list of our top five favorites.

  1. My Truck is Stuckby Kevin Lewis and Daniel Kirk: An amusing story of a truck that becomes stuck on a way to a delivery.  After many vehicles, including a car, van, jeep, and bus, try to help this poor truck.  Finally, he is saved by a tow truck.  My son loves the illustrations, the repetitiveness, and saying beep beep along with the story.

My Truck is Stuck

  1. Red Truckby Kersten R. Hamilton: A story of a red truck who saves the day!  This book has lots of fun words sounds, including RIIIING!, VROOOOOM!, ZOOOOOOM!, SPLOOOSH!.  It is short and fun to read.

Red Truck

  1. Little Blue Truckby Alice Schertle:  A book with a moral about helping out friends that includes a little truck named blue, a dump truck, and lots of farm animals.  In reading the book you hear all the sounds the animals make.  Now my son reads the book along with me.

little blue truck

  1. Trucks Whizz! Zoom! Rumble!by Patricia Hubbell: Not only is this book fun to look at, but it is exciting to read.  The patchwork illustrations are excellent and the book has so many wonderful colors.  Many of trucks have different animals as their drivers.  It includes any truck you can think of and most importantly has two garbage trucks (my son’s favorite!).trucks
  2. The Trucker by Barbara Samuels: The story of a young boy, Leo, who is obsessed with trucks, and whose mother is tired of reading the same truck over and over and finding trucks in her oatmeal. She buys her son a cat, Lola, to attempt to get him interested in other things.  At first, Leo can not be bothered with Lola, but when he realized Lola could be part of the fun she became a trucker too. My son absolutely loves this story.

the trucker

Do you have any other favorite truck books?

Toddler Truck Books

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